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Devil's Backbone Tavern

Well-behaved dogs on a leash are permitted on our rear patio / outdoor area where dog bowls are provided. If your pet does not play well with other dogs or humans, please do not bring them.

The Devil’s Backbone Tavern, built on the site of an ancient Indian campground, is widely believed to be haunted. An entire Civil War battle is said to have occurred on the Devil’s Backbone limestone ridge.  “Oh, there are ghosts, I guaran-goddamn-tee you,” said Robert Kelly, a tavern regular who said he sometimes sees shadowy figures on a steep nearby ridge called the Devil’s Backbone, for which the tavern is named.

The Devil’s Backbone Tavern is situated on one of the most picturesque spots along this earthquake fault, providing the historic venue with a spectacular view of the surrounding Texas Hill Country.  The history dates back to the late 1890’s, when the first stone room was built for a blacksmith’s shop and a stagecoach stop at the base of a treacherous trail. After Prohibition, the sale of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, became licensed in early 1936.  Since Hays County was “dry” with no public means to purchase alcohol, the tavern, was built next to the old blacksmith’s shop just beyond the Hays County line (in Comal) in 1937. In the mid- to late 1940’s, a Sinclair service station and package store building was added and the dancehall was constructed.  The venue became a rare attraction for anything you needed including a cold-beer, a tire change or an ass-whoopin’ with local and touring bands drawing crowds to the dancehall during its “hey-day” for music and dancing. 


4041 Farm to Market 32
Fischer, TX 78623

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THIS was my brother Charlie. And anyone who met him for a moment or knew him for a lifetime would say the same. He and I were carrying on and he was trying to make me laugh so hard (as you can hear my cackling in the background). He always made fun of my laugh as a kid, as I was always an easy audience for him and he knew that with little effort I would burst out cackling. He had just done two shows at the #DevilsBackboneTavern and was about to head home. It was so good to see him feeling good and being his old self. I pressed record on my phone which seems weird that I did because it wasn’t like me to do that in a personal moment with him.
As a happy way to remember him, I hope this video makes you smile like it does me every day. ♥️
Why? Because we love ya’. 🤠 
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