Where is Texas Hill Country?
Texas Hill Country Road at Sundown

Where is Texas Hill Country?  

Texas Hill Country is located right in central Texas, stretching from San Antonio to Austin and covering an area of more than 25,000 square miles. Our RV resort is right near the heart of it all and the perfect location for afternoon trips to the plentiful vineyards and beautiful parks. This area is known for its rolling hills, beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife. The Hill Country boasts a variety of activities including hiking, biking, horseback riding and camping.

The Texas Hill Country is an area of immense beauty, with rolling hills and stunning native plants and wildlife. The region experiences mild winters and hot summers, with temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Its terrain consists of limestone hills, canyons, streams, rivers, and lakes. Habitats include grassland savannas, mesquite woodlands, juniper-oak woodland savannas, live oak forests and cedar glades.

Due to its unique ecosystems, the Hill Country has become a popular destination for outdoor recreation such as hiking, camping, fishing and boating. In addition to its natural attractions, the area has several small cities and towns that offer an array of cultural activities including live music venues and historic sites. Furthermore, the Hill Country is home to an increasing number of affluent retirement communities as well as growing suburban neighborhoods.

Visitors can also explore the region’s rich culture and history by visiting the many historical sites and museums. Visitors to Texas Hill Country can also enjoy some of the most delicious cuisine in the world, with unique Tex-Mex flavors and traditional barbecue favorites. With its breathtaking scenery and abundance of activities, Texas Hill Country is a perfect destination for an unforgettable vacation. 

Map of Texas Hill Country

Coordinates: 30°10′27″N 99°03′55″W 
Location Central Texas, United States
Elevation 980–2,460 ft (300–750 m)

 The terrain throughout the region is characterized by a thin layer of topsoil and many exposed rocks and boulders, making the region very dry and prone to flash flooding. Native vegetation in the region includes various yucca, prickly pear cactus, desert spoon, and wildflowers in the Llano Uplift. The predominant trees in the region are Ashe juniper and Texas live oak.

The Llano Uplift is a gentle, rolling upland in Central Texas. It consists of granite outcrops and ridges with elevations ranging from 900 to 1,500 feet above sea level. The area is also known for its abundant wildlife, including white-tailed deer, turkeys, and quail.

Enchanted Rock is the second-largest granite dome in the United States. It rises 425 feet above the surrounding countryside and stands approximately 1,825 feet above sea level. The rock has been a favorite destination for hikers and climbers since prehistoric times. It’s believed to have spiritual significance to many Native American tribes, who held ceremonies atop the rock centuries ago.

The Hill Country is a wild, wonderful land that may look inspiring from afar, but it’s also an economic powerhouse. Bound on the east by the Balcones Escarpment, this region reaches into Northern San Antonio and Western Travis County – including Austin and Lago Vista! It sure makes it easier to settle here thanks to springs discharging water stored in the Edwards Aquifer. And boy, did people settle. By 2016, this area had become one of the fastest growing economic regions in America.  When you look good and have great place to stay like The Old El Camino Motocourt and Campground, they come running.