Things to do in Kyle, Texas

Best Things to Do in The City of Kyle
From indulging in delicious pies to exploring one of the oldest sports, Kyle offers a unique Texas Hill Country experience perfect for romantic getaways and weekend trips. Revive your inner chef as you savor mouthwatering pastries at this “Pie Capital” – or eliminate stress by smashing plates or electronics! Plus, don’t miss out on other exhilarating activities like witnessing an ancient sport played centuries ago – all part of the exciting adventures between Austin and San Antonio along I-35. Ready for your journey? Get ready for something special when visiting Kyle today!

The Pie Capital of Texas (That’s something pretty impressive)
If you’re looking for a truly heavenly treat, the Texas Pie Company in Kyle is where it’s at! This fabulous spot has earned tons of fame (including features on NPR’s The Splendid Table and Southern Living), and their delectable pies are worth all the hype. With options from classic fudge to creamy cheesecakes, there’s something here to satisfy everyone – but be sure not to miss out on their signature pecan pie! Make your way over before someone else snags up all that sugary goodness.

Dance the Night Away at Live at Tejas Hall
Ready to line-dance the night away? Come and party with us at Texas Old Town Presents: Live At Tejas Hall! Every first & third Friday of the month, prepare for fantastic country music set against a stunning Hill Country backdrop. Not only is there live entertainment, but beer, wine, dinner, and snacks are available, too – so you can keep on dancing all through dinner time. And if that wasn’t enough fun already – it’s easy to pick up tickets either online or when you arrive; afterward, take one of our tours around this beautiful 55-acre ranch (trust us – those southern sunsets will make your heart sing!) So stop by today for an experience unlike any other in Central TX – yeehaw!

The Kyle GeoTour Challenge
Ready for an exciting treasure hunt? If you haven’t already heard, geocaching is the way to go! Download the app or get a GPS device, and just like that, you’re ready to explore Kyle, TX. With your passport in hand from the local Chamber of Commerce, head to town on this epic adventure filled with points earned through caching, shopping, and dining around town! Experience all there is to do while searching high & low – Who knows what knickknacks are waiting at each cache!?

Polo Anyone!?
Saddle up and get ready to experience an ancient sport like never before! County Line Polo Club in Kyle offers the perfect opportunity for beginners, intermediates, advanced players, or even college-level athletes. Watching thrilling matches has become one of this region’s hottest happenings – but don’t just be a spectator; join the action with lessons from veteran trainers! Whether it’s monthly leagues or seasonal events you’re after, there will always be something exciting awaiting your arrival at Country Line Polo Club. So get galloping now on this timeless ride into adventure…

Kyle Market Days (Local, Fresh, and Fun)
Get ready for a fiesta every second Saturday of the month in Kyle! April to October marks months full of flavor-packed treats, sustainable local goods, and fresh entertainment. From handcrafted bath items to baked delights – there’s something for everyone at this fantastic annual event. So whether you’re after fruit & veg or want some music with your shopping spree, Give yourself an early start and check out their online schedule before showing up on Market Day!

Winery Day Trips!
Make your way to the Hill Country, just a short drive away from Kyle! Sip on stunning Texas-grown wines while taking in breathtaking views at Driftwood Estate Winery & Vineyard. Don’t forget about Duchman Family Winery either – HGTV called it one of their 20 most beautiful wineries in America, and they’ve got an array of reds, whites, rosés, and more for you to savor. If the food’s what you’re after, head to the new bistro spot nearby, where delicious dishes await, ready for pairing with all those vintage vinos!

At Wimberley Valley Winery and Bella Vista Ranch, you’re invited to indulge in an extraordinary wine-tasting experience and olive oil tasting beneath the lush canopies of giant oak trees. Sample a selection of fine wines, vinegar, olive oils, and soaps seven days a week – plus take home your souvenir glass! Or why not explore the depths of heritage on an orchard tour at Bella Vista ranch? Please participate in formal tastings as you learn how traditional Italian family farms grow their olives oil and produce it too.

Stress-Free Experience at Unchartered Adventures
Ever feel like you need a designated space to let off some steam? Need an outlet far more exciting than any punching bag in your bedroom? Look no further! Unchartered Adventures in Kyle has all the fun and security you need. So come as a couple or come alone, put on protective gear, and choose your weapon of choice – baseball bats, sledgehammers – hey, there are even axes available if’n you brave enough – it’s time to break everything from printers to beer bottles while jamming out Salt-N-Pepa ala Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality style… without having the tedious task of cleaning up afterward. Now THAT sounds like Friday night plans; we can get behind!