Terms of Service

These are the Terms and Conditions between CRMTX18 LLC d/b/a The Old El Camino RV Resort and guests:

Campground hereby provides services on Campground’s property. Campground has the right upon twenty-four (24) hours’ notice to relocate User to a substantially equivalent Site on Campground’s property.

The term of this Agreement shall commence on the upon guest arrival and end on guest initial reservation termination date (the “Initial Term”). Unless terminated by either party, after the expiration of the Initial Term, this Agreement shall automatically continue on a daily basis.

Rate shall be paid in advance and without demand beginning on the Effective Date of this Agreement and thereafter: per week or per day or Extended stay / monthly. All payments are due and to be made payable to Campground at the address provided below. The rate for use of the RV Site may be increased by giving advance notice to User. If, on the day after the due date, User has not paid the total amount due under the terms of this Agreement, User will pay Campground interest on the outstanding amount at an annual interest rate of 18%. Campground will not accept partial payments.

Electric Utility Included in daily or weekly rate up to 500 kWh per month. User shall pay Campground, in Accordance with the extended stay/monthly schedule for payment of the rate above, all electrical power charges used by User in connection with the use of the RV Site above 500 kWh . This amount is 0.14/kWh and is calculated by Campground according to TEX. UTIL. CODE § 184.034. The beginning meter reading as of the Effective Date of this Agreement will be noted upon check-in. If, at any time during the term of this Agreement, User becomes delinquent in the payment of electric services, Campground shall withhold electric services until User pays the delinquent amount, pursuant to TEX. UTIL. CODE § 184.036.

Rules and Regulations. User and their guests, invitees and all occupants shall comply with the written rules and regulations provided to User. User agrees to comply with all state and federal laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations applicable to Campground’s property.

Campground’s Right to Terminate Agreement. Campground may terminate this Agreement for any or no reason by providing User a notice for User to leave the RV Site (“Agreement Termination Notice”). User agrees to render peaceful possession of the RV Site to Campground within three (3) days of the date provided on the Agreement Termination Notice. The three (3) days’ notice shall not be required if termination is the result of an Act of Default (as defined below). Upon User’s peaceful surrender of the RV Site to Campground, Campground will refund to User the proportionate amount of any unused amounts previously paid by User to Campground.

Early Termination by User. Campground may recover as damages for User’s early termination
of this Agreement an amount equal to the amount that remains outstanding for the term of this Agreement

Default by User. The following acts constitute defaults by User (“Acts of Default”):
a. Failing to timely pay the RV Site use rate, outlined in Paragraph 4, above, or other lawful charges when due under this Agreement.
b. Giving false information to Campground;
c. User, User’s guests and/or occupants failing to comply with this Agreement, such as violating provisions of this Agreement or committing serious misconduct or criminal acts;
d. Remaining on the Property after giving notice of termination and intent to vacate; and/or
e. Remaining on the Property after Campground gave notice of termination at the end of the term or an Agreement Termination Notice, outlined in Paragraph 7, above.

Condition of RV Site. By executing this Agreement, User acknowledges and agrees that
the RV Site is in good condition and is adequate for User’s use. Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, User agrees to surrender the RV Site to Campground in a similar, good condition. If User fails to leave the RV Site in good condition, Campground will assess reasonable charges to User for returning the RV Site to good condition.

Assignment. User shall not have the right to assign or sublet the RV Site hereunder to any person or persons.

Attorneys’ Fees. In the event any legal proceedings of any kind are instituted to collect unpaid rates, as outlined in Paragraph 4, above, or electrical charges, Campground may collect from User all reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees incurred by Campground in pursuing such action.

Waiver. Campground’s failure to insist on strict compliance with the terms or conditions of this Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of that term or condition, nor shall any waiver or relinquishment of any right or power at any one time or times be deemed a waiver or relinquishment of the right or power for all or any other times.

Notices. All written notices and communications regarding this Agreement, including notices sent pursuant to TEX. PENAL CODE § 31.04( c ), should be sent to the designated undersigned persons at the addresses as set forth below unless notified in writing to the contrary by the receiving party. The notice shall become effective as of the date of mailing by certified mail.


Pets. If Campground allows User to have pets on the property, User is responsible for the pet’s behavior, waste, and noise level. User agrees to clean up after his or her pet and to be considerate of other RV park guests. User is liable for any damage or injury caused by his or her pet.

Credit Card on File. User will provide Campground with information for a valid credit card to keep on file. The credit card information will be used by Campground in the event that Campground must charge User for cleaning or repairing the RV Site, as outlined in Paragraph above, or if User vacates the RV site without paying Campground the total amount due under this Agreement. If Campground uses the credit card information for the reasons described above, Campground will provide User a statement of account listing the charges at the address noted below.

Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held illegal, void, or unenforceable in a judicial proceeding, such provision shall be severed and shall be inoperative, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain operative and binding on the parties.

EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS (“CAMPGROUND PARTIES”), FROM AND AGAINST ALL CLAIMS, CAUSES OF ACTION, AND/OR LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR RELATED TO USER’S USE OF THE RV SITE, CAMPGROUND’S PROPERTY, AND/OR ANY CONDITION THEREON, WITHOUT LIMIT AND WITHOUT REGARD TO THE CAUSE OR CAUSES THEREOF OR THE GROSS NEGLIGENCE OF CAMPGROUND PARTIES. THEFT OF SERVICE AND CRIMINAL TRESPASS ACCORDING TO TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTON 31.04, a person commits theft of service if, with intent to avoid payment for service that the actor knows is provided only for compensation, the actor intentionally or knowingly secures the performance of the service by agreeing to provide compensation and, after the service is rendered, fails to make full payment after receiving notice demanding payment. “Intent to avoid payment” is presumed if the actor absconded without paying for the service or expressly refused to pay for the service in circumstances where payment is ordinarily made immediately upon rendering of the service, as in recreational vehicle parks. That is, any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who refuses to pay for site services when due may be subject to criminal prosecution. We will prosecute any violations under the “THEFT OF SERVICE LAW.”

ACCORDING TO TEXAS PENAL CODE SECTON 30.05, a person commits an offense if the person enters or remains on or in property of another, including a recreational vehicle park, without effective consent and the person had notice that the entry was forbidden, or received notice to depart but failed to do so. That is, any guest who receives notice to leave and refuses to do so may be subject to criminal prosecution. If we ask you to leave, you must vacate Campground’s property. We will prosecute any violations under the “CRIMINAL TRESPASS LAW.”

This Agreement provides User with a revocable license to the property, which may be revoked at any time for any reason.

This Agreement becomes effective only when Campground has signed the Agreement and returns it to User.


Evacuation. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Campground hereby reserves the right to require User to evacuate the RV Site and/or Campground’s property in the event of an emergency or catastrophe, as determined by Campground, or as Campground otherwise determines is necessary for the protection and/or safety of User and/or any other person(s). When notified of any such evacuation by Campground, User hereby agrees to, and to cause User’s guests, invitees and occupants to, immediately evacuate from the RV Site and/or Campground’s property, as required by Campground, and remain a safe distance from the affected area until Campground notifies User that no further hazards are present and that User is permitted to return. CAMPGROUND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO USER FOR ANY COSTS OR EXPENSES SUSTAINED OR INCURRED BY USER IN THE EXERCISE BY CAMPGROUND OF ITS RIGHTS IN THIS PARAGRAPH AND USER HEREBY WAIVES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS AND/OR CAUSES OF ACTION AGAINST CAMPGROUND FOR DAMAGES BY REASON OF INTERRUPTION OF USER’S USE OF THE RV SITE BECAUSE OF THE EXERCISE BY CAMPGROUND OF ITS RIGHTS IN THIS PARAGRAPH. FURTHERMORE, USER HEREBY EXPRESSLY ASSUMES ANY AND ALL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ANY FAILURE BY USER TO COMPLY WITH ANY SUCH REQUIREMENT OF CAMPGROUND, WAIVES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, CLAIMS FOR DEATH, PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE) THAT USER HAS OR MAY HA VE AGAINST ANY OF THE CAMPGROUND PARTIES, AND AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE CAMPGROUND PARTIES FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, CAUSES OF ACTION AND/OR LIABILITIES, ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE FAILURE OF USER OR ANY OF ITS GUESTS, INVITEES OR OCCUPANTS TO COMPLY WITH THE PROVISIONS OF TIDS PARAGRAPH. The provisions of this paragraph shall be binding on User and all of User’s heirs, legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns.

CRMTX18 LLC d/b/a The Old El Camino RV Resort
9087 Camino Real
Uhland, TX 78640