Should You Leave Your RV Lights On All Night?
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There are a lot of opinions out there about whether or not you should leave your RV lights on all night. Some people say it’s a waste of electricity, while others argue it’s a safety measure. So, what’s the correct answer?

In this post, we’ll explore both sides of the argument and help you decide whether to keep your RV lights on at night under our beautiful Texas sky.

The purpose of leaving your RV lights on all night

One of the primary purposes of leaving RV lights on all night is to illuminate your campsite. Doing so lets you quickly find your way back in the dark, ensuring you don’t get lost or wander into another area. Additionally, leaving your lights on gives a sense of security and provides light in an otherwise dark campground area. This can be incredibly comforting when camping away from home as it creates a feeling of familiarity in what could be an unknown environment.  

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The benefits of leaving your RV lights on all night

For some RVing enthusiasts, leaving the lights on during the night can be beneficial. Not only is it more convenient than using flashlights and headlamps to move around, but it also gives you greater peace of mind knowing that everything is evenly lit and visible. Furthermore, leaving your RV lights on at night can be a great safety measure and ensure any hazards around your campsite can easily be spotted in the dark. Overall, leaving the RV lights on all night is an excellent way to provide a more effortless and safer outdoor camping experience.
We’ve even read some information that keeping lights on (specifically under your rig) will keep pests away, as they prefer to wreak havoc in the dark instead of in well-lit areas. (Not sure if that is true but…)

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The drawbacks of leaving your RV lights on all night

Leaving your RV lights on all night may seem like an easy way to keep your campsite lit up, but it has drawbacks. For one, you risk annoying neighbors with the extra light pollution. While more nuisance than harm, it can be highly disruptive for those throughout the campground trying to sleep peacefully. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough to stay in a dark sky area, leaving your lights on could ruin the stargazing experience under pristine night skies. Plus, leaving bright lights on will likely attract flying bugs and other insects, which can be both jarring and bad for your RV. Finally, using lights all night is a complete waste of energy that isn’t necessary, given how easy it is to prevent them without them being turned on.

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How to decide whether or not to leave your RV lights on all night

Deciding whether or not to keep your RV lights on all night is a decision that many factors impact. Firstly, is it even allowed? Depending on the local bylaws, leaving outdoor lights on all night is often not allowed and may result in a fine if reported. (We don’t have any lighting rules at the Old El Camino RV Resort. However, if it is allowed at other parks, you should proceed with other considerations in mind – including the consideration of others. For example, inform your neighbors if necessary, so they don’t get alarmed by strange lights and keep safety your priority. Comfort is also essential, so assess how well-lit you need to feel secure at night and ensure your lights are not too bright for anyone else’s convenience.

Some RVers keep their lights on all night for safety, while others turn them off to conserve energy. Both choices have pros and cons, so it’s ultimately up to the individual RVer to decide what they feel most comfortable with. If you choose to leave your lights on, be sure to use LED bulbs so that you don’t risk overloading your RV’s electrical system. Do you keep your RV lights on at night? Why or why not?

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