Common Myths fo Full-Time Rving
RV camping on Sonoran desert campground

How Much of the Full-Time RVing Experience Is Misunderstood?

If you’ve been contemplating becoming a full-time RVer, it’s only natural that you must have lots of questions. And although experienced RVers can offer some insight on specific topics, several aspects still require personal experience to understand them fully.

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about full-time RVing and show you that this lifestyle may not be as unattainable as it appears.

Busting 10 Myths About the Full-Time RV Lifestyle – Separating Fact from Fiction!


Dispel the misconception that full-time RVing is too expensive; it is more affordable than you think!

People often mistakenly assume full-time RVing is an extravagant expense. My husband and I made the same assumption before we embarked on our journey but soon learned about work camping—a concept allowing us to earn income along the way! This newfound knowledge changed everything for us and enabled us to explore even more of what this lifestyle holds.

Although full-time RVing is often touted as a low-cost option, it’s important to note the expenses associated with this lifestyle. For example, your rig could incur more wear and tear, resulting in costly repairs, while increased mileage will bring higher gas costs. That being said, there are many opportunities available that can help you earn money on the road!

Fund your RV lifestyle without any added stress! Here are some creative ways to make money and keep traveling.

Work camping

A seasonal job is a perfect solution if you’re yearning to explore Texas or another part of the U.S.! These opportunities allow you to stay in one place for up to five months, meaning that you will save on gas money and have ample time for sightseeing and fun activities. So if your heart desires an exciting adventure out West, these jobs are just what you need!

Work for Amazon

A job with Amazon is a perfect opportunity to make an impressive income in a short period, and it comes complete with valuable perks like health insurance coverage.

Farm Harvest / Beet Harvest

If you’re searching for a well-paying job, the beet harvest is your perfect fit! You’ll be working for several weeks during the fall, where you can earn decent money and move on to another work camping gig to prepare for winter. Even though it’s hard labor due to fluctuating crop yields and weather changes, this opportunity will pay off.

Work from the RV

Make money while living the RV lifestyle! Working from your recreational vehicle has never been easier; you can now enjoy the freedom of taking trips and working remotely, all in one package. Unlock a world of possibilities by setting up shop in an RV — live life on your terms and reap the rewards. From freelance writing and editing to website design, accounting, customer service, and beyond – any task can be accomplished from the comfort of your camper. All you need is a dependable internet connection!

Unlock your blog or vlog’s potential – start earning money today!

Are you enamored by the RVers that grace YouTube? They rake in cash through their vlogs, merchandise sales, fan donations, brand sponsorship deals, and advertisements. So if self-promotion is your thing, and you enjoy advertising yourself or a product while traveling – why not try it out? With a bit of hustle and creativity, there’s no telling what kind of success you can have!

Take control of your destiny and begin a business you can operate from the comfort of your RV.

Transform your RV into a mobile business by exploring the endless possibilities of what you can do – from selling essential oils or candles to marketing or design services. Allow yourself to be inspired by your imagination and unleash its full potential!

Myth #2: Without the company of our loved ones, we will be left feeling isolated and lonely.

Although it’s hard to be away from family and friends, you will come across so many new people during your journey that soon becomes beloved connections.

You’ll never be lonely during your camping trip; why not share the RVing experience with friends and family? Invite them along – you’ll have a blast spending quality time together while they might catch the RV bug too!

Myth #3: Don’t be fooled into believing that small spaces cannot function.

While others may assume that the size of your living area is limited, RVing has many advantages. Regardless of your thoughts, having a tiny home gives you more time and freedom with nature outside! Most people who choose this lifestyle enjoy it because they get to spend more time in outdoor activities.

Do some research to find the perfect RV for your needs. For example, many models, such as larger Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels, can provide much-needed privacy when cooped up in small spaces.

Myth #4: Although I have yet to drive an RV, there’s no reason why I can’t learn and gain the necessary experience!

If you’re a novice to RVing, don’t worry! Plenty of experts have been precisely where you are now. Instead, look for classes near you that can show you the ropes and make driving or pulling an RV feel like second nature.

Although online videos may not be the same as direct experience, they can offer helpful advice about minor details, such as properly turning your steering wheel when reversing a trailer. Moreover, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from more seasoned campers once you arrive at your campsite – their wisdom is invaluable!

Be courageous! Before you can comprehend it, you’ll soon become a master in assisting others through their journey.

Myth #5: Having a pet can be difficult and impractical for individuals living in an RV.

Dog owners have often noted that owning dogs can drastically enhance their RV lifestyle, yet not necessarily make life easier. After all, pups love to follow us around, so leaving them at home was never feasible.

Even though they shed hair everywhere, we are still devoted to taking our furry friends on outdoor excursions. They love climbing mountains and playing in the water while providing us joy throughout it all. So it is understandable that we feel worried when we leave them behind in a camper, but their company makes every adventure worthwhile!

Myth #6: “I can’t get health insurance on the road.”

When you embark on your full-time RVing journey, having a dependable health insurance plan is paramount. Even if you have medication to take or suffer from a chronic illness, there are still ways to secure the proper coverage – all it takes is creative thinking!

Myth #7: “I can’t rely on campground internet to work from home.”

While I don’t entirely disagree with this statement, there are certainly some campgrounds out there that have spotty Wi-Fi. Additionally, suppose you work remotely from your campervan. In that case, it can be very useful to check RV LIFE Campground reviews left by other campers or even run an internet speed test so that you know what kind of connection to expect ahead of time.

Fortunately, you can always depend on the numerous hotspot options most wireless companies provide if your cell signal is available. Additionally, consider investing in Wi-Fi boosters or exploring cafés near you as other viable solutions. Finally, for those with RVs, Starlink offers amazing opportunities to remain connected while on the go!

Myth #8: “I have no RV knowledge or Experience.”

For those new to RVing, starting off with little knowledge is OK. It’s a great way of forming your understanding and teaching yourself as you journey along! But don’t forget the power of other people’s expertise – often conversing with fellow travelers can provide invaluable advice that could save you from making costly mistakes. Plus, full-time RVers tend to be friendly and healthy individuals who are more than happy for an opportunity to share their experiences!

Myth #9: “I can’t cook properly in my RV.”

If you want to try cooking in an RV, it may require some adjustments! Like any new venture, there is a learning curve. If baking is on the agenda, mastering a gas oven should be the priority. Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the gas cooktop, too – all part of making delicious dishes for family and friends!

Why not take advantage of the array of appliances available to make your cooking simpler and quicker? So when you have a hectic day outside the camper, put that Instant Pot or slow cooker to use! An air fryer is another great way to whip up delicious dishes. The options are endless with all these modern conveniences at hand.

The great outdoors is calling you! So grab a grill or invest in a skillet like Magma or CampChef & Blackstone and explore their possibilities. With delicious recipes for cooking over an open campfire, every meal will be sure to tantalize your taste buds like never before. So get out there and start cooking—it’s time to make unforgettable meals!

Myth #10: “My friends and family will think I’m crazy.”

Don’t let your loved ones’ doubt or cynicism deter you from pursuing what makes you happy; they may not understand, but that’s OK–you have the right to live on your terms. With time and patience, even if it takes a while for them to come around, they will eventually recognize your contentment and support you.

Although it’s true that full-time RVing does not work out for some people, this should not be a deterrent to anyone considering taking the plunge. There are numerous false assumptions associated with RV living which can quickly and easily be debunked. Don’t let these myths stop you from seizing an amazing opportunity!

Taking a test drive in an RV is the perfect way to start your journey into full-time adventures. It can be just like taking a short road trip, except that you’ll get the chance to experience first hand what living on the open road may feel like. Who knows? One weekend or summer vacation could lead you down an exciting new path of life – one where everyday brings something unique and different!

No two challenges are the same – take your time to tackle them at your own pace, tackling whatever you can and desire.