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Abby Jane offers a regular menu of breads, pastries, sandwiches, treats, and sweets made with all the heirloom grains we can get our hands on.

Abby Jane Bakeshop was started by Abby Love, a Louisiana native and 12-year veteran of the restaurant and baking industry. The singular goal of Abby Jane is to make delicious baked goods from the heritage grains grown in Texas and milled in Dripping Springs. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the bakery is INSIDE OF the Barton Springs Mill facility—our incredible grain mill right in central Texas. In fact, a nine-foot window from the bakery into the mill means when you come to get your latte and morning bun, you can sip leisurely while watching the millers doing their hard work. (Seriously, they love it. Do it.) 

Who is Abby Jane?

It’s me, Abby Jane Love! I don’t go by Abby Jane, though, because when I was in first grade I was too lazy to write TWO names on all my papers so now I’m just Abby (sorry, mom!) Abby Jane is the name that my close friends and family often call me as a term of endearment. And this project really is my gift of affection, hope, nostalgia, and devotion to you. You’re all my Abby Janes. Or I’m yours. I lost track of my analogy but trust me, it’s warm and fuzzy.

I became a Texan in 2013 and scored a job with the local heroes at Dai Due Butcher Shop & Supper Club, where I developed the bread and pastry menu for their East Austin brick & mortar and served as the pastry chef for three years. Through Dai Due I met James A. Brown, the owner of Barton Springs Mill, just as he was firing up his operation on Hwy 290 in Dripping Springs.

Three years, a winding professional journey, and many bakes later, I tricked James into letting me hitch my little bakery wagon to his. Now his new, gorgeous milling facility contains a new, gorgeous bakery where we get to work together on turning the most incredible flours into tasty products we are so proud to serve.

I want every single Texan to visit Abby Jane and see what is possible when a lady baker with ambition sticks around long enough to find her miller on an exhausted and desperate day. Kidding! I want you to see what happens when people of vision and integrity (and very little sleep) commit to changing the agricultural landscape. Come be a part of it with us.


16604 Fitzhugh Road, Unit C

Contact Them

Phone: 512-383-5923
Email: [email protected]

On Instagram

Worth every calorie and the drive! #ancientgrainsbread#abbyjanebakeshop#bartonsprings
Bake shops are my love language 🫶🏻🥐 abbyjaneyall 

Went on a day trip to abbyjaneyall and it was the cutest and most delicious bake shop in Dripping Springs, TX 🥖 They grind their own flour and have baking classes as well. The coffee is soo good! Definitely recommend it! 

Featured sweets:

Morning Glory Loaf Cake
Almond Monkey Bread
Chocolate Croissant 
#abbyjanebakeshop #austintx #drippingspringstx #bakeshop 
#pastries #atx
Gingerbread Latte is something special. It starts with our cold-brewed coffee ice cream made with weatheredhandscoffee and then we add gingerbread flavors like molasses, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. After churning, we add AMAZING Ginger Crinkle Cookie pieces from abbyjaneyall 🍪🤤 The result is amazing and you’ll have to try it yourself.
Get this holiday flavor and others at Christmas on Mercer this Saturday, December 2, from 10-5pm. We’ll be on College Street right next to Abby Jane Bakeshop and can’t wait to see you!